6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters

6 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for the Hunter

Tis’ the season for Christmas, if you are like my wife she always has a hard time coming up with a few Christmas gifts that the kids can get for me.  So I came up with a small list of 6 items that should be on every hunters Christmas list that will not cost you an arm and a leg.  And will make Dad a happy hunter Christmas morning.

butler creek flip up cover


  1. Butler Creek Flip Up Covers

The Butler Creek Flip Up Covers are great for protecting your scope lenses from getting scratched or getting debris on the lenses.  Made from a plastic material, these covers can be sized to exactly fit their scope and will created a watertight, airtight sell and open with a touch of your finger or thumb.  At $8.95 each, these are a great item to protect that scope.

Vortex Lens Pen

  1. Vortex Lens Pen

The Vortex Lens Pen uses a revolutionary non-liquid compound that outperforms other cleaners.  There are no chemicals to spill and will not dry out.  This is a small item that can be put in your pocket on those hunting trip when you need that extra light cleaning of your lenses.  Retails for $9.99.


Leupold Mounting Tool

  1. Leupold Mounting Tool

As practical in the field as on the bench, the Leupold Mounting Tool is great for making windage and elevation adjustment or just installing rings and bases.  The useful tool features one slotted screwdriver, two Torx drivers and five Hex-head drivers.  A great gift for just $15.99

Wheeler Level Level      4. Wheeler Level-Level-Level

The Wheeler Level-Level-Level is the most accurate scope leveling system ever devised.  Level your scope as you mount it on your rifle.  The magnetic base in the rifle level bridges the bolt raceway, allowing you to position your rifle perfectly level.  Then you can level the scope, tighten the rings and the job is done.  Works with practically any bolt-action rifle and is adaptable to other designs.  Retails for $17.99

Leupold Binocular Strap      5. Leupold Binocular Strap

Carrying binoculars all day can put a strain on your shoulders and back.  The Leupold Binocular strap takes that weight of your neck resulting in a more pleasant day in the field.  The X-shaped design of the strap distributes the weight across your back keeping the binoculars close to you to prevent swinging yet ready at the moment’s notice.  Retails for $24.99.  Your significant other will love you at the end of the day with this Christmas gift.

Bushnell laser boresighter      6. Bushnell Laser Boresighter

The Bushnell laser boresighter is a bright, battery-powered laser that makes rapid, ultra-precise work for sighting in your rifle.  Created to meet the demands of gunsmiths, serious shooters or just the every day hunter and shooter.  Can be used to sight in .22 through .50 caliber rifles.  At a price of $33.99, this is a great piece of insurance that your firearm is always sighted in when needed.


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