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Popular Lightweight Rimfire Scopes

Rimfire rifles are some of the most popular recreational shooting rifles in today’s market. They can be used for hunting small game to precise target shooting. They are great to get kids started in the shooting field. One piece of equipment that can increase the shoot ability of the rifle is to have a nice, compact lightweight rimfire scope mounted on it. In the world of optics today, there are a large number of scopes that can be used on rimfire rifles so making a decision on a riflescope can be a daunting task. When it comes to rimfire scopes, a small compact scope is great for functionality and looks on the rifle. Many people do not likes the looks of a large or long scope mounted on the small rimfire rifles, making the scope look over proportional to the rifle. Target shooters can get by with a longer scope due to need of the extra power for precise shot placement. Another feature to consider when purchasing a scope for your rimfire is the need for an adjustable objective. When shooting at small targets at varying distances, an adjustable objective is a great feature to have, especially when shooting at closer distances. Rimfire scopes that are not equipped with an adjustable objective will have a fixed parallax setting from 75 yards to 50 yards depending on the manufacturer. When shooting at closer distances with a fixed parallax rimfire scope, parallax can become an issue under certain circumstances resulting in less than accurate shot groupings. Below I will go over some of the most popular lightweight rimfire scopes that are sold.


Clearidge Ultra RM 3-9×32 Scopes

The Clearidge Ultra RM scope is specifically designed for the rimfire shooter in mind. They offer great optical clarity and features found only in higher dollar scopes. The Clearidge Ultra RM scopes are the most popular rimfire scopes that we sell. This is due to the large selection of finishes (Gloss, Matte and Silver) and reticles available (Fine Crosshair, Duplex Dot, Duplex and Mil Dot). Not all reticles are available in all color options. All the Ultra RM 3-9×32 scopes are equipped with an adjustable objective and will focus from 10 yards to infinity. Another great feature of the Ultra RM is the semi target turrets. This allows the shooter to make adjustments easy with just a turn with your finger, along with turret marks that can be easily read. Nicely prices between $230 and $250, the Clearidge Ultra RM is a scope that should be highly considered.


Leupold VX-2 3-9×33 Scope

Also specifically designed for the rimfire shooter, the Leupold VX-2 3-9×33 is a scope that many manufacturers strive to be compared too. The Leupold VX-2 3-9×33 have some great features, such as the Index Matched Lens System, which Leupold’s engineers specify different coatings materials for each lens surface based on many different factors to the DiamondCoat lens coating on the exterior lenses allowing for the ultimate in abrasion resistance and light transmission. They are offered in both a fixed parallax or with an adjustable objective. The Leupold VX-2 3-9×33 scopes are offered three finishes (Gloss, Matte and Silver) and 5 reticle options (Wide Duplex, Duplex, LR Duplex, Fine Duplex and the new Windplex). Not all reticles are available in all color options. At $400, the Leupold is on the higher end of the price range.


Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Scope

The Nikon ProStaff has the largest objective, 40mm, of the recommended rimfire scopes. This allows for a large exit pupil and larger about of light to be transferred through the scope compared to the 32-33mm scopes. Nikon offers the ProStaff in two models the fixed power and the EFR (Extended Focus Range) model. Both models have a minimum parallax of 50 yards, but the EFR has the adjustable objective that can be changed from 50 yards to infinity. The Nikon ProStaff has fully multicoated lenses to provide up to 98% light transmission per lens to maximize brightness at dawn and dusk. They are equipped with Zero Reset Turrets, which allows the shooter to reset the turrets to zero by just lifting the turret, rotating it to zero and reengaging. Both scopes are offered in Matte finish. The non-EFR model has a BDC 150 reticle, which provides a .22LR specific bullet drop compensating reticle out to 150 yards, where the EFR model has the precision reticle. At a price of $150 – $190, the Nikon is a great starter rimfire scope.


Weaver Classic 3-9×32 Scope

The Weaver Classic 3-9×32 is another great rimfire scope. With fully multicoated lenses, the scope delivers a nice clear, bright image. The Classic 3-9×32 comes with an adjustable objective that can be focus down to 10 yards out to infinity. The scope is equipped with turrets that must use a coin to make adjustments; this is a disadvantage to some people. Weaver has only one option in this scope, matte finish with a duplex reticle. Even though there is one option, this is another scope to consider.

3 Responses to “Popular Lightweight Rimfire Scopes”

  1. rdssert

    Being a competition Aspirin shooter, were the rifle and scope usually have a weight limit. The weight of the scope is quite important and information that I would like to see listed. That being said I am very pleased with the 6 Clearidge RM scopes that I presently have.
    Apachee Trigger

  2. Jeff

    Does Leupold still make a 2×7 rimfire scope. If I recall correctly that scope was very streamlined and would look nice on a rifle as sleek as the Browning SA22


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